Segaro “Coach Bo” Bozart

All-Pro Director of Operations and Business Development Athletic Director-SCV

Coach Bo brings over 30 years of leading, directing, teaching, training, and coaching young people. Coach Bo played out his 3-year Division II Basketball career as a starter and captain. He went on to teach elementary school, coach high school basketball & club track. He served as a coach and board member for several travel basketball programs before launching his own vision for skills training and competitive play in 2012. Train and Play Youth Fitness and Athletics serves as the umbrella for Hoopz Skillz Basketball and ASCES Performance Training. He thrives on partnering to deliver High Quality Sports Skills Development, Training, and Competitive Play to children of all ages in all communities. For 20 years, Coach Bo has provided educational materials to school districts that inspire children PK-8th Grade. His passion is to help others win.