Hilton “Coach Hilton” Brown

All-Pro Director of Risk Management & Player Safety Athletic Director, WLA

Hilton Brown is a native of Chicago, Il and has been a life-long multi-sport athlete and a strong believer-advocate of the benefits of sports. Hilton’s philosophy regarding sports is a simple one: being active is good for the mind, body and soul. Plus, there are constant life lessons baked into the various layers of sports and competition. Coach Hilton played organized sports from childhood through college. Post college, he has been a youth sports coach in basketball, lil’ league baseball, girls softball, volleyball, track and soccer. He has also taught Basketball Fundamentals classes to women under 40. Finally, Coach Hilton also served as Athletic Director of the YWCA with duties including but not limited to: organizing sports leagues and game schedules; regularly updating team rosters and team standings; setting up play-off schedules and championship games; hosting tournaments; hiring and vetting capable referees (plus has refereeing experience himself); and serving as league commissioner.