Hi-Five Transitional Twos
— AGES: 2 Year Olds —

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Hi-Five Transitional 2’s Pre-Academy and Sports

Our team at Hi-Five wants to get your child ready to start preschool before they turn 2 years old. This class is for children who miss the September cut-off for preschool, but are ready to learn and play! At the beginning of the year each child will bring along a caregiver, with our intention that by November they will be on their own with the support of their teacher and coach.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your child grow throughout the year as they joyfully explore the environment, manipulatives, learning materials, and the other children around them. Classes will be held in a preschool classroom environment, giving them the opportunity to experience some of the typical daily activities and get accustomed to learning from an experienced preschool teacher. This class encourages creativity, cognitive and social development, and independence in a preschool setting, along with working on gross and fine motor skills. During the session, we will also incorporate a “regular” day of preschool, fun sports classes, and, of course, snacks!

Snacks are included!

About The Instructor

My name is Dani Mokhtarian and I’m a pre-school teacher with nearly a decade of experience. I have 3 children of my own 9, 10, and 13. Even still, my favorite age to work with is toddlers! I love being able to introduce children to socialization, following simple directions, and autonomy. There are so many milestones from age 2-3 and I am passionate about helping these little people start climbing!



Session 2 –1/3/22-5/27/22
(no class 1/17, 2/21 and 5/30)
9:30-11:30 AM


Session 2 – 1/4/22-5/24/22
9:30-11:30 AM

Fall 2022 Information:


Aug-Sept times are 9:30-10:30 with Caregiver

October-November 4th 9:30-11:00 with Caregiver

November 7th on 9:30-11:30 without Caregiver if ready

Mondays No Class 9/5, 9/26, 12/19, 12/26, 1/17, 2/20, 3/27

Tuesdays No Class 12/20, 12/27, 3/28

Wednesday No Class 10/5, 11/23, 12/21, 12/28, 3/29

Thursdays No Class 11/10, 11/24, 12/22, 12/29, 3/30

Monday/Wednesday Cost $3300

Tuesday/Thursday Cost $3500

Monday Only $1600

Tuesday Only $1800

Wednesday Only $1750

Thursday Only $1700

Deposit is $0, installment payments broken up into 5 payments 7/1/22, 9/1/22, 12/1/22, 2/1/23 and 4/1/23

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