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Celebrate our 33rd anniversary next summer! Hi-Five Sports Camp – North Shore will meet from approximately 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day during the eight week session. Boys and Girls entering K-7th Grade will enjoy a full menu of sports, games and activities on the Hi-Five Fields of Dreams!! Incoming 8th & 9th Graders can also take part in our Counselor In Training (CIT) program!! Camp will operate from June 10th through August 2nd. No Camp July 4th & 5th. We are very excited to once again be back at Christian Heritage Academy (315 Waukegan Road) in Northfield!


Sports done the "HI-FIVE WAY"! Download to read about the camp staff, locations, philosophy, fun facts and more.


Download this detailed weekly calendar of what your camper can expect in these fun-filled days! 2024 Calendar will be released soon!

We are also excited to announce that this summer Hi-Five will include the “Hi-Five Sports Camp 4 Girls Division! For girls in K-7th Grade we now have a camp just for you from June 10th through August 2nd. Registration information can also be found below. This division will include all of the Hi-Five staples, as well as Dance, Yoga, Theatre, and more.

For you, it’s about keeping your child active, healthy and happy. For them, it means no school, lots of fun and sports. Our vision is to help the next generation develop a passion for sports – one camp, coach, and one child at a time. The Hi-Five Sports Camp experience will be remembered for the high energy-level of our coaches and the positive impact made on the lives of our campers. Hi-Five Sports Camp is a sports camp dedicated to a full menu of team sports designed for children from pre-K to 7th grade. Hi-Five Sports Camp is about so much more than winning and losing – it is about teamwork, playing hard and playing fair. And it is about making new buddies and enjoying the camaraderie. A camp that is as encouraging as it is challenging. As safe as it is high-energy. And as instructional as it is fun.

Details & Pricing
Christian Heritage Academy
K - 7th Grade
June 10th – August 2nd


1 Week: $850

2 Week Package: $1,600

3 Week Package: $2,100

4 Week Package: $2,400


5 Week Package: $2,700

6 Week Package: $3,300

7 Week Package: $3,675

8 Week Package: $4,000


C.I.T Program (8th-9th Grade): 50% of fees

*Rates may increase if limitations are added to the summer*

Bus Per Session Package: $500Per session


Camp will be held at Christian Heritage Academy. We will have access to the indoor gymnasium, auditorium, student center & cafeteria during the summer. Our coaching staff is experienced, patient and passionate about sports and coaching each camper! Your camper will be put on a college team based on their age prior to the start of camp. Your coach will call to introduce themselves prior to camp as well to answer any additional questions you may have. We do have a fantastic staff that handles all communication that you can contact at any time. Read below for what a day is like at Hi-Five Sports Camp on the Field of Dreams!

8:30AM-9:15AM—Dropoff & check in! 

All campers will have a designated dropoff & pick-up spot at Christian Heritage Academy. This information will be shared with all families prior to camp. Your coach will be waiting with their college flag to greet your camper! Once all kids have arrived, teams will head to their first venue to warm-up. This is a great time for the kids to meet new friends on their team and settle in for the day!


The Flag Area is where we will start and end camp each day. Directors will discuss all morning announcements to the entire camp including the theme of each day/week, fun competitions, special guests or activities for the day and any other important items!


Teams will head to their first game of the day at one of our venues: basketball, baseball, flag football, volleyball, soccer, hockey, handball, gymnasium, inflatables, backyard games and more! Teams will play against other teams within their division all summer competing for points and prizes.


Throughout the summer, we will have practices scheduled a few times a week for our campers. They will rotate from all our different sports to learn different skills and how to play the game. The practice is a great time for our campers to enhance their skills and gain more confidence across all different sports. We will finish the practice time with a fun team competition based around the skill we just worked on!

10:55AM-11:25AM—LUNCH #1 & GAME #2

Our youngest teams will head in first for lunch inside in the CHA cafeteria. Kids will find their seat and their coaches will hand out their hot or cold lunch. Older teams will head to their next venue to play another exciting game against a new opponent. We will offer other fun games throughout the summer as well like capture the flag, water activities, dodgeball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, ultimate football, pickleball, cage ball, tug of war, tag for the younger kids, and other age appropriate fun games & activities for all campers.

11:30AM-12:00PM—LUNCH #2 & GAME #3

The next youngest age groups will head to lunch while the older teams and youngest teams that just enjoyed lunch return to play. On extremely hot days, we will utilize the CHA indoor grounds including the auditorium, student center and gymnasium while also possibly sending some groups off grounds to other indoor AC friendly venues like our Hi-Five Sports Zone located in Northbrook Court Mall.

12:05PM-12:35PM—LUNCH #3 & GAME #4

Our last lunch will take place for the oldest campers while all our younger ones head to their next sport or activity. The youngest campers will take numerous bathroom breaks while all campers will be reminded to reapply sunscreen during lunch and again later in the afternoon. We also will announce water, sunscreen and shade breaks throughout the day.

12:40PM-1:10PM—GAME #5

All campers have finished lunch and head to their next sport or activity to continue the fun!


Campers continue having fun in the sun all summer long with their teams and competing against fellow campers and new friends! Our youngest campers will take a snack break at this time to recharge their batteries! We will also offer arts n crafts throughout the summer. On special days, we will have Kona Ice come to Hi-Five so all campers can get a nice treat to cool off! 


Campers finish up their day with one last game or activity. Throughout the summer, we will do all camp activities to wrap up the day or watch a championship game in front of all of the camp! There will be lots of fun planned all summer long! 


All campers will return to our camp headquarters, the Flag Area. The camp tent and nurse are also located right next to the flag area. Campers will be recognized for plays of the day that involve great sportsmanship, individual awards, chance of a lifetime competitions and much more! Those on buses will gather with their fellow campers & coaches and depart first. The rest of the camp will have designated pickup locations. We do offer after camp care if needed, please ask for more information. 


Camp Management Team

DANNY TUCHMAN (Camp Director/Managing Partner) – Over the past 30 years Danny has been a camper, CIT, coach, station head, and director at camp. He’s experienced it all from every aspect of the camp experience. Danny oversees the day to day operations at camp along with the camp management team.

MARV TUCHMAN (Camp Advisor/Partner) – Marv founded Hi-Five 30 years ago and his vision continues to take shape every summer. He hasn’t missed a summer since 1990.

DAN RODELL (Director) – Dan has been with Hi Five for 7+ years as a program director and coach. Coach Rodell loves all sports but his favorite is basketball. He is also the director of the Glenbrook South Jr. Titans Feeder Basketball Program and a director for Hi Five Sports Camp. Coach Rodell strives to bring great energy, enthusiasm and teaching to all his programs. He loves seeing kids get stronger and more confident with each program he coaches or directs.

DANI MOKHTARIAN (Camp Manager/Director) – This is Dani’s 2nd year at Hi-Five Sports Camp. Dani lives in Northbrook with her Husband David and three children; Jordan, Ryan, and Leah. Both Jordan and Ryan have a combined 13 years of Hi-Five Sports Camp experience. Dani is currently our communications manager at the Hi-Five Sports Zone and teaches pre-school at BJBE. Dani will be be working with Michelle on all parent communication and she is looking forward to being a major part of growing Hi-Five Sports Camp 4 Girls.

PJ EAGLE (Hi-Five Sports Zone Manager/Director) – Director at the H-Five Sports Zone Coach PJ has been involved with Hi-Five for 7+ years and now manages the Hi-Five Sports Zone. He graduated from the University of Dayton where he played golf and lacrosse. He then moved out to Arizona for several years where he taught golf at one of the premier golf courses.

Alex Lofgren (Director) – Alex will be spending his second summer with Hi-Five. Alex is a GBN Graduate and the Director of Spartan FC Soccer all year long.

Jenny Marta started out as a customer of Hi-Five back in 2012 when her two older sons attended Hi-Five for the first time. Her third son joined them soon after and from then on, there was no turning back, the boys enjoyed every summer at The Field of Dreams.Fast forward to 2021, Jenny found herself wanting to be a part of the Hi-Five family making every day the best day of the campers’ lives. During the year, Jenny is a Special Education assistant at Meadowbrook Elementary and works as a part-time accountant for an IT consulting firm. A very, very long time ago, Jenny attended Loyola University of Chicago for a Bachelor in Business Administration in Accounting and for a Masters of Science in Accounting. When she’s not working, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband, John, usually juggling their three sons and their sporting events, walking with her 2 black Labradors and reading. Now it’s Jenny’s turn to look forward to summers and The Field of Dreams!

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We Are Sports Nuts And Qualified Ones At That!

Just like our campers, we eat, sleep and breathe sports. Our staff is filled with professional coaches, high school and college athletes, as well as experienced P.E. teachers who promote the fundamentals through personalized instruction and positive reinforcement – all this while always maintaining a sense of humor! And no matter the skill level of the child, the goal remains the same: to have a great time, while learning the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. All of which results in a positive, self-esteem-building experience. And Hi-Five isn’t new at this. We’ve been serving families since 1991 at our Northfield campus. Along with our Chicago campus, we provide safe, cutting-edge, skill-developing programs.

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