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Once a week after school, we’ll offer a mini-version of our famous Hi-Five Sports Camp that has thrived for over 20 years for two hours on a Friday Night!! This program/party will allow children to get a taste of a variety of sports under the guidance of great coaches – encouraging sportsmanship, teamwork, and FUN.


The Hi-Five Friday Night Lights will focus on the core sports in our Summer Camp program – basketball, softball/baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and volleyball. Friday Night Lights at the Zone will be a party each and every Friday night this Spring! Includes each week as well!

In addition, we’ll play a wide variety of schoolyard games that get the kids moving and competing. Whether they make a mistake or lose or they make a great play or win, they’ll learn from it and keep playing. We believe the key to teaching kids how to play sports is through encouraging them to develop the proper fundamentals and play with passion. Above all else, we want to make sports FUN to help them fall in love with playing the games, just for the sake of playing! It’s as simple as that. They’ll all get a little taste of summer camp each week at the Zone and party all night while parents can go out and do the same!! We will also have popular sports events playing each week in our lounge and on all of our TV’s in the Zone!!

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