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Dribble, Pass, Shoot

Hi-Five Soccer is a weekly developmental soccer program for children 2-5 years old. We believe the game of soccer serves to help children build self-esteem, gross motor skills, coordination, athleticism, and so much more.


We’ll help each child get a feel for the ball and an improved ability to dribble, pass, score goals, and play defense. For the older kids, we’ll place a little more emphasis on teamwork, conditioning, and actually playing the game. This program will be the training ground for our Hi-Five Soccer League for K-1st Graders.

Players will be introduced to new skills each week, and reinforce skills learned previously! Hi-Five coaches put a strong emphasis on explaining every activity so players Know how to do the drills correctly, and know when to use these skills on the field. At the end of each class, children will get a chance to show HI-FIVE MURPHY the skills they just learned!

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