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Hi-Five Academy is a fantastic new addition to our Hi-Five Sports Zone. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed specifically for children ranging from 6 months to 2 years old. We offer numerous programs that are tailored exactly to the appropriate age and needs of each child. We provide a fun and safe environment all while helping to develop social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills. Each program is structured to fit a specific age range, focusing on specific skills, all designed to be flexible for the parents. Learn more and register today!


The Hi-Five Academy gymnastics class allows both new gymnasts and experienced gymnasts time to work on new skills or enhance skills they may already have. Or activities work on strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. We focus on body movement and also utilize gymnastics equipment all while the little gymnasts are having fun with friends!

Early Elementary Gymnastics class is for children 5 and 6 years old. Gymnasts will start at the beginner recreational equipment section of the gym and participate in vault, bars, beam and floor. We will work on skills such as; handstands, cartwheels, and pull overs.

School-Age Gymnastics class is for children 7 years and up. Classes are divided based on skill level. Gymnasts participate on all four apparatuses; vault, bars, beam, and floor on the school-age section of the gym. We will work on skills including; rolls, cartwheels, handstands, pull overs, casts, and basic dance skills.

Private Lessons and Group classes are also available. Please contact us below for more information and pricing.

Mommy & Me

Hi-Five Mommy & Me is an intro to our amazing Multi-Sport Class for boys and girls. In this class we will focus on balance, motor skills and social development in a fun and safe environment. The kids will have a chance to get familiar with various balls and equipment from some of your favorite sports. The Hi-Five staff will sing songs, lead circle time and introduce new and fun sensory activities focusing on gross and fine motor skills. Class activities will run for 40 minutes. Parents will have a chance to sit relax, enjoy some tunes and socialize with other parents during the first ten minutes and last five minutes of each class. Every week, a new type of music will be introduced to both parents and kids.

Private Playgroup

Hi-Five Private Playgroup is a fun and save place for you to come with your little one. Let them play, run, crawl, and socialize with friends in our brand new play area. We offer new mats, play structures, toys, books and more! Social play is such an important part of a child’s development. Help them build empathy and develop friendships, while giving you an opportunity to connect with other parents and provide an additional outlet. Reserve your spot today!

$200/hr for 10 kids (additional $20/child up to 20)

Terrific Two's

The Hi-Five Terrific 2’s Preschool Program is for children who will be turning 2 by September 1st. Our maximum student to teacher ratio is 12:2, with an additional assistant as well. Our comprehensive curriculum strictly follows the Illinois Early Learning and Developmental Standards. Our developmentally appropriate program focuses on four major areas: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills. We are still a play based preschool program, making sure children have fun and are engaged. Our classroom routine also provides a predictable schedule that enables children to feel comfortable and confident when they are in school. One of the most important goals of our program, is teach socialization, enabling them to get along well with others and become independent learners.

Additional Goals

  • Help children to positively separate from parent or caregiver
  • Develop fine-motor coordination through the use of manipulative materials such as play dough, beads for stringing, puzzles, crayons, paint brushes and more
  • Develop gross-motor coordination through daily play in our fenced outdoor playground with space to run and equipment for swinging, climbing, balance and sand play or indoor gymnasium with tricycles and equipment for climbing, balancing and space to run
  • Develop problem solving skills both academically and socially through guided play and one-to-one interactions between teachers and students
  • Develop a love of appropriate children’s literature by being read to as well as enjoying books during free play
  • Develop vocabulary through songs, finger plays and imaginative play
  • Participate in individual, small group and large group activities


About The Instructor

Dani Mokhtarian is a pre-school teacher with nearly a decade of experience. She brings her own personal experience to Hi-Five as well as a mom of 3 children of her own, ages 9, 10, and 13. Despite her kids being a bit older, she specializes in working with toddlers. She brings her robust background and wealth of knowledge helping children to socialize, follow simple directions, and helping them create autonomy. There are so many incredible milestones from age 2-3 and she brings her passion to every class at Hi-Five.

Session 1
(no class 1/17, 2/21 and 5/30)
9:30-11:30 AM

Session 2
9:30-11:30 AM


Our team at Hi-Five wants to get your child ready to start preschool before they turn 2 years old. This class is for children who miss the September cut-off for preschool, but are ready to learn and play! At the beginning of the year each child will bring along a caregiver, with our intention that by November they will be on their own with the support of their teacher and coach.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your child grow throughout the year as they joyfully explore the environment, manipulatives, learning materials, and the other children around them. Classes will be held in a preschool classroom environment, giving them the opportunity to experience some of the typical daily activities and get accustomed to learning from an experienced preschool teacher. This class encourages creativity, cognitive and social development, and independence in a preschool setting, along with working on gross and fine motor skills. During the session, we will also incorporate a “regular” day of preschool, fun sports classes, and, of course, snacks!

Available Programs