Hi-Five Summer Camp
— AGES: PreK – 7th Grade —
— AGES: 8th – 9th Grade C.I.T. —

Celebrate Non-Stop Sports & Fun In 2020!

Celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer! Hi-Five Sports Camp – North Shore will meet from approximately 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day during the eight week session. Boys and Girls entering PreK – 7th Grade will enjoy a full menu of sports, games and activities on the Hi-Five Fields of Dreams!! Incoming 8th & 9th Graders can also take part in our Counselor In Training (CIT) program!! Camp will operate from Monday, June 15th through Friday, August 7th. We are very excited to once again be back at Christian Heritage Academy (315 Waukegan Road) in Northfield!!

For all camp information, costs and more, please contact the Hi-Five Office today!!

2020 Hi-Five Summer Camp Brochure

Summer Just Got Better

For you, it’s about keeping your child active, healthy and happy. For them, it means no school, lots of fun and sports. Hi-Five Sports Camp is a sports camp dedicated to a full menu of team sports designed for children from pre-K to 7th grade. Hi-Five Sports Camp is about so much more than winning and losing – it is about teamwork, playing hard and playing fair. And it is about making new buddies and enjoying the camaraderie. A camp that is as encouraging as it is challenging. As safe as it is high-energy. And as instructional as it is fun.

We Are Sports Nuts
And Qualified Ones At That!

Just like our campers, we eat, sleep and breathe sports. Our staff is filled with professional coaches, high school and college athletes, as well as experienced P.E. teachers who promote the fundamentals through personalized instruction and positive reinforcement – all this while always maintaining a sense of humor! And no matter the skill level of the child, the goal remains the same: to have a great time, while learning the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. All of which results in a positive, self-esteem building experience. And Hi-Five isn’t new at this. We’ve been serving families since 1991 at our Northfield campus. Along with our Chicago campus, we provide safe, cutting-edge, skill-developing programs, such as Hi-Five Hoops, NFL Flag Football, Lil’ Kickers, and more!

Hi-Five Sports Camp “A Day At A Glance”

2019 Sample Camp Calendar

2019 Summer Camp Brochure

— Camp Structure —

The Hi-Five Sports Club is thrilled to present our 29th summer of Outdoor sports camp at Christian Heritage Academy in Northfield. Our experienced, patient, and passionate coaching staff will divide the campers into balanced teams. Once given their team, your child will then learn about, and compete in a wide variety of sports including: basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and more! READ OUR BROCHURE & SEE OUR TYPICAL DAY SAMPLE – SEE BELOW

Check in time! This is the time of day your child arrives at camp. During this time you can ask our staff about any questions/concerns you may have. Music is playing from the tent and campers enjoy free-time playing on our “Fields of Dreams”.

9:00 AM – 9:20 AM – TEAM FLAG AREA
Campers line up with their team and converse with their coaches. The camp director makes the morning announcements. This is the time we also give away some prizes and introduce the theme of the day.

9:20 AM – 11:15 AM
Practice Station 1(Our dedicated Coaches, Directors, and Station Heads work on developing and improving upon important skills needed to master every sport they play!) ; Division Games 1, 2, & 3 (Put those skills to the test! Strap up and let’s go, this is when our teams face off and compete to get to the top of Standings Board. Don’t forget to have good sportsmanship to gain even more points for each game!)

11:20 AM – 11: 45 AM
Lunch rotation begins; Game 4 for the older campers begins

11:50 AM – 12:15 PM
Older Campers Begin Lunch, Early lunch rotation comes out for Game 4

12:20 PM – 1:25 PM
Divisional Games 5 & 6

1:30 PM – 2:10 PM
All Camp Activity (Ex: Olympics Week Tug Of War, Amazing Race, Chance of a lifetime, and much more!)

Each Division is given a few options as to what games and sports available, than, THEY MAKE THE CALL!

(Ex: D1: Knockout @ Basketball 1 or Hockey @ Hockey 1)

(Ex: D2: Football @ Football 1 or Capture the Flag)

(Ex: D3: Soccer @ Soccer 1 or Tennis Baseball @ Baseball 2)

Optional Swimming on Tuesdays and Thursday (If weather permits)

2:45 PM – 3:00 PM – TEAM FLAG AREA
Campers assemble in team lines. The camp director will announce some of the daily highlights. This is the time we also have a few fun Hi-Five contests.

3:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Camp after-care is available.

Hi-Five Philosophy

Our vision is to help the next generation develop a passion for sports – one camp, coach, and one child at a time. The Hi-Five Sports Camp experience will be remembered for the high energy-level of our coaches and the positive impact made on the lives of our campers.

Hi-Five Sports Camp can be used as a childcare tax credit. Contact us for our tax ID number so this credit can be applied. Be sure to contact your accountant/financial advisor for more information.

Summer Camp Employment

Interested in working at Hi-Five Sports Camp this summer!? If so, please click below to download an application! Hi-Five is always looking for outgoing, energetic and uplifting coaches to add to our All-Star staff roster!

If you’re a teacher looking to fill your summer days, someone who has previous coaching and playing experience or even a current high school or college student-athlete that enjoys working with children in sports…

Qualified candidates will be interviewed for summer positions beginning in May. If you have any additional questions about summer employment, please call 847.229.9555.

Summer Pricing

COACHES IN TRAINING PROGRAM: (C.I.T. Program cost: 1/2 of selected program fees!)
This program is designed to prepare our campers to become Hi-Five Coaches. C.I.T.s must be entering 8th grade or their freshman year in high school. In the C.I.T. program, the first half of the day is devoted to assisting coaches in their daily staff duties and receiving counselor training. The second half of the day, C.I.T.s will participate in camper activities designed especially for their age group. Special field trips and oncampus events will also be planned with this age group in mind. 8th Graders as Campers: 8th graders may also choose to attend Hi-Five as full-time campers!

1 Week C.I.T Package: $300
2 Week C.I.T Package: $600
3 Week C.I.T Package: $825
4 Week C.I.T Package: $1050
5 Week C.I.T Package: $1150
6 Week C.I.T Package: $1300
7 Week C.I.T Package: $1425
8 Week C.I.T Package: $1550

1 Week Package: $600
2 Week Package: $1200
3 Week Package: $1650
4 Week Package: $2100
5 Week Package: $2300
6 Week Package: $2600
7 Week Package: $2850
8 Week Package: $3100

1 Week Package: $265
2 Week Package: $265
3 Week Package: $265
4 Week Package: $265
5 Week Package: $331.25
6 Week Package: $397.50
7 Week Package: $463.75
8 Week Package: $530

Available Weekly Programs

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