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HI-FIVE Gymnastics


Tumbling, Balancing and more!

The Hi-Five Academy gymnastics class allows both new gymnasts and experienced gymnasts time to work on new skills or enhance skills they may already have. Or activities work on strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. We focus on body movement and also utilize gymnastics equipment all while the little gymnasts are having fun with friends!


Preschool-Age Gymnastics class is about learning the basics skills of gymnastics, in these sessions your child will likely learn the basics of each piece of apparatus. Session plans may vary due to the ability of the children, coaches will often create side stations that will work the children’s skill, strength, and flexibility whilst they are physically helping one child.

Early Elementary Gymnastics class is for children 5 and 6 years old. Gymnasts will start at the beginner recreational equipment section of the gym and participate in vault, bars, beam and floor. We will work on skills such as; handstands, cartwheels, and pull overs.

School-Age Gymnastics class is for children 7 years and up. Classes are divided based on skill level. Gymnasts participate on all four apparatuses: vault, bars, beam, and floor on the school-age section of the gym. We will work on skills including rolls, cartwheels, handstands, pull overs, casts, and basic dance skills.

Private Lessons and Group classes are also available. Please contact us at [email protected] information and pricing.


Preschool: 4-5 Years Old

Early Childhood Elementary: 5-6 Years Old

School-Age: 7 + Years Old


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