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Ages 2-6 All-Stars

Become a multi-sport All-Star with Hi-Five Multi-Sport!! Learn the basics of football, soccer, and baseball at the SportsHouse or learn football, soccer, and baseball at Burgess Park & SportsHouse with the help of our experienced, passionate, and patient Hi-Five Sports Club staff!!


Ages:  2-6 year olds

Sessions:  50-minutes

Dates:  Classes start every 6 weeks

Where:  Menlo Park

Hi-Five Multi-Sport serves as an introduction to some of the most popular sports in the world!

Dribble, pass, and kick a soccer ball.

Carry, run with, and throw a football.

Catch, throw, and hit a baseball.

The Hi-Five Multi-Sport will focus on player development and the overall understanding of each sport, and also stress SPORTSMANSHIP, TEAMWORK, and FUN for the entire 50-minute class session!! Hi-Five’s ultimate goal is to help each child build strong physical, intellectual and emotional foundations that will help them succeed on and off of the field!!

Available Programs

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