Program Info

Looking to have a private camp? – “Hi-Five Sports Housecalls has got you covered”!

What is it?
We will provide a fully-structured, safe, instructional, and customized camp schedule run by one of our veteran coaches. It’s guaranteed to get the kids having fun, getting sweaty and tired!

Your backyard or a local park – it’s up to you! One camper’s house will be “home base.”

Monday-Saturday starting
August 24 through TBD


Pricing is per group, for a single 2-hour session with one coach:
1 camper: $75
2 campers: $120
3 campers: $165
4 campers: $200
5 campers: $250
6 campers: $315 (2 coaches)
7 campers: $365 (2 coaches)
8 campers: $420 (2 coaches)

*Package can be rescheduled due to in-climate weather. If no date is available the deposit will be fully refunded

Available Programs