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Our mission is to provide the finest Youth Sports Programs in the Chicagoland area. Although we focus on developing skills, at Hi-Five its more important to focus on kids having FUN!

Along with our Mission, our philosophy is simple: While learning and growing, kids should be able to feel good about themselves!

Staffed with experienced professionals who love working with kids, Hi-Five provides a safe, well equipped, positive environment. At Hi-Five its all about fair play and having FUN, not simply competition. At Hi-Five kids can be kids!

Teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism, a healthy lifestyle, balance, patience and perseverance, the essential lifelong skills that only sports can teach, are lost on far too many kids today. Hi-Five teaches how to win and lose and, most importantly, how to have FUN!

The distraction of countless television channels, video games and websites make it very difficult for kids to get out and just be allowed to be kids! Sadly for many, the repercussions of a childhood spent on the couch, with such passive pursuits, may last a lifetime.

Hi-Five Sports Club has many programs available so – GET IN THE GAME TODAY!


Youth Sports Director - Brad Greenspan
Brad Greenspan
Executive Director

Brad Greenspan joined the Hi-Five Chicago team as Executive Director in 2018. His deep-rooted love for sports and unwavering commitment to Hi-Five's mission are inspired by the legacy of his late father, Gary Greenspan, the Founder of Hi-Five Chicago.

Having earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications and History from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Brad initially embarked on a career in the Sports Marketing industry. However, it was his formative years as a Hi-Five camper that truly illuminated the transformative power of sports in Brad's life.

Growing up as part of the Hi-Five community, Brad experienced firsthand the positive impact of sports on personal growth. It was here that he absorbed crucial values like sportsmanship, perseverance, and patience - skills that continue to shape his leadership style today.

Brad's enthusiasm for Hi-Five Summer Camp is palpable, as he describes the camp's vibrant atmosphere as "electric and energetic every single day." Whether he's donning a rubber duckie costume at camp or attempting a daring dunk on an NBA player, Brad brings an infectious energy to the Hi-Five experience.

Recently married and residing in River North with his wife, Brad relishes his free time spent with family and friends. Beyond his professional endeavors, Brad enjoys a diverse range of activities. An avid golfer, he also explores his culinary interests through trying new restaurants and passionately supports his favorite team, the Chicago Bears.

Brad Greenspan, with his extensive background, personal connection to Hi-Five, and dynamic leadership, is dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of his father and ensuring that Hi-Five remains a place where kids not only play sports but also cultivate essential life skills in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

Youth Sports - Hawk
Robert Hawk
Director of Operations

Robert Hawk, lovingly known as "Hawk" by campers and staff members, is a proud Chicagoan, born and raised in Northcenter. His journey with Hi-Five Chicago began in the year 2000, where he started as a camper and quickly became an integral part of the camp's legacy.

Since 2001, Hawk has dedicated himself to Hi-Five Chicago, seamlessly transitioning through various roles over the years. His passion and commitment culminated in his appointment as the Director of Operations in 2017, where he continues to shape the camp's experiences for campers and staff alike.

Hawk's formative years were spent at Von Steuben High School, where he not only excelled academically but also showcased his athletic prowess as a varsity baseball player. After High School, Hawk attended Columbia College Chicago, where he earned a degree in audio production and design.

Hawk is happily married to his beautiful wife, Jessika, who also works alongside him at the camp as their dedicated groundskeeper. As they navigate the joys of married life, the couple eagerly anticipates the arrival of their first child in March 2024. The couple also currently shares their abode with two cats (one of which was found during camp in 2022!) and a dog, all of which they love to spoil.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of city life, Hawk finds solace in camping and fishing, indulging in his love for the great outdoors.

Sports hold a special place in Hawk's heart, with football, basketball, and baseball topping his list of favorite sports. As a true Chicagoan, he proudly supports the city's iconic teams – the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Blackhawks. Whether cheering for his teams or orchestrating unforgettable camp experiences, Hawk continues to make a positive impact on the community he calls home.


GaryGreenspan2 Chicago

Gary Greenspan - Hi-Five Sports Chicago Founder & Owner (1957 – 2023)

Gary founded Hi-Five Sports Chicago with his passion for sports and his deep commitment to enriching the lives of youth across the city of Chicago. He envisioned and created a safe environment in which kids could just be kids. Gary firmly believed that sports were a metaphor for life: you didn’t need to be the greatest athlete to be a valuable member of the team. Gary fully committed himself to Hi-Five’s mission for the last 25 years, and he continued to be involved in the details of Summer Camp and Jr. NBA until his final days.

Gary’s life revolved around Hi-Five. He poured his whole self into every summer of camp, Junior NBA Hoops Basketball League, and Small Fry Tournament. One of his deepest joys was getting to spend time with young athletes, teaching them life’s most valuable lessons through sports. His impact was immense; he helped thousands of children realize their sports dreams and fuel their passions.

Gary was not only a beloved director to campers and players; he was also a caring mentor and role model to hundreds of coaches, counselors, and staff members over the years. Gary fostered a fun, loving, and supportive community of adults who matched his commitment to developing skilled athletes and even more importantly, good people.

We will miss him leading our opening ceremonies, overseeing the Friday cookouts, and walking around camp as the Penguin during Halloween in July. But with his son, Brad, at the helm, we will ensure his legacy lives on forever through our Hi-Five family.