— AGES: Girls & Boys 6-13 —

New Bay Area Cheer Club

Experience doesn’t matter one bit. We have the coaching staff to help with any occasion. We are going to train your child to be an amazing team player. At Atherton Elite we welcome everyone, regardless of prior cheer, gymnastics, or dance experience. If you already know how to do motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting we will make sure you progress to new skills. If you have no idea what motions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting is, then we will make sure your child is ready for the big stage.

Atherton Elite is not only the “New Bay Area Cheer Club” but we are also going to be the organization to train your athlete how to deal with life issues. We are going to be teaching important life lessons like teamwork and perseverance through the sport of cheer. Hard work and dedication are two very important aspects of life and will be the foundation of our program. We are going to start with the basics. Once we perfect the easier skills we will move on to more difficult and technical skills. We will expect our athletes to work hard and push themselves. We are going to have a wide range of talents and ages so everyone is welcome on the team. At Atherton Elite we know how to manage and teach every child regardless of prior experience. My coaching staff and I will strive to better each athlete emotionally and physically. It is our goal to see our team having fun so rest assured it won’t be all hard work! We have many years of experience and love what we do. This will be a great introductory to modern cheerleading.

Girls and Boys 6-13
All Skill Levels

Meet the Head Coach


Kezia Molinsky has been the Head Competitive Cheer Coach at Menlo College for 5 years. She began her tenure in the summer of 2011 as the department’s inaugural coach of the newly added program. Before joining the Oaks, Molinsky spent the previous 16 years as head coach at North Marion High School in Aurora, OR, where she led Huskies to five consecutive State and National Championships. Molinsky led the team to a tremendous level of success during its competitive schedule in 2012-13 with a trio of first place finishes and a 10th place finish at the USA Collegiate Nationals.