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WELCOME 2 (larger)

keep kids active, moving, involved and engaged

HI-FIVE SPORTS CLUB SOUTH SAN JOSE mission is to provide high quality youth sports programs with the utmost convenience for parents. We are your one-stop-shop to learn and play all youth sports programs in the South Bay Area.

It’s very essential for children to know at least 5 team sports. Our goal is to help children of all skill levels to learn Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Athleticism, Patience and Perseverance, which are essential lifelong skills in their life, that only team sports can teach.The structured physical activities of Hi-five ensure kids to gain the love of sports and also to learn the right way!

Hi-Five uses sports as a tool to promote positive character in our youth through our coaching. We coach behavior first and instill a specific behavior that is expected in all of our programs. When children come to Hi-Five in Mount Prospect, they understand what is expected of them and how they should act. Our coaches create a safe and fun environment. We use positive reinforcement with all of our coaches and help children understand the “why” when playing sports. We are a low pressure sports environment without the yelling and screaming. We want to turn kids onto sports, and not off. We use sports for kids entertainment and keep kids active, moving, involved and engaged.


Camp Director

Camp Director & STEAM Teacher (8+ Years Experience)

Operational Director

Operational Director, Arts Teacher (10+ Years Experience)

Operational Director

Operational Director, Arts Teacher (10+ Years Experience)

Jason, Sean, Andrew, Micheal
Sports Coach
  • Coach Jason - Sports Coach (12+ Years Experience)
  • Coach Sean - Sports Coach (4+ Years Experience)
  • Coach Andrew - Sports Coach (2+ Years Experience)
  • Coach Michael - Sports Coach (10+ Years Experience)
Lilly, Kayla, MJ, Madlen, Farzy, Safieh
STEAM Teachers
  • Miss Lilly - Arts & Crafts Teacher (6+ Years Experience)
  • Miss Kayla - Robotics Teacher (2+ Years Experience)
  • Miss MaryJane - STEM Teacher (2+ Years Experience)
  • Miss Madlen - Crafts Teacher (5+ Years Experience)
  • Miss Farzy - Crafts Teacher (5+ Years Experience)
  • Miss Safieh - Arts Teacher (5+ Years Experience)
Program Admin

Arul - Managing Partner and Program Admin(6+ Years Experience)