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WELCOME 2 (larger)
WELCOME 2 (larger)

keep kids active, moving, involved and engaged

Our programming is more than just games played for pleasure, rather it’s our way to nurture and motivate young people to improve their individual athletic skills while also developing their character. The Hi-Five Sports Zone provides children with a positive, productive, safe, and fun environment that leads to healthy lifestyles and great character.

This is the culmination of 30+ years of experience in youth sports. This isn’t your typical sports facility. It’s designed specifically for younger children with everything from the field size – to the height of our hoops – to the incorporation of our lovable mascot, Murphy. Our unique approach to sports programming and birthday parties will give families a truly unique experience.

The Hi-Five Sports Zone also includes our Murphy Mart reward system! This helps children further develop their personal growth principles. Life lessons will be a key part of every program at the Hi-Five Sports Zone. Children will be rewarded with “Murphy Coins”, as well as digitally for qualities such as sportsmanship and teamwork and can redeem them for a wide variety of prizes. The Murphy Mart is a great addition to birthday parties!


Donnell Bratton