Program Info

Hi-Five Physical Education @ Home is the culmination of 30 years of experience enriching the lives of children through physical activities. Through the years we have worked together with a number of Physical Education professionals who have roughly 50+ years of experience.

Over the past decade, we have seen the rise of technology and video games greatly impact the health of children throughout the nation. Today, with the addition of COVID-19, schools across the country are cutting Physical Education and moving towards e-learning. With that in mind, we created a solution that will help your child stay active while allowing them to have fun!

The Hi-Five team of experts developed our very own Physical Education program for families to be able to do from the comfort of their homes.

• Introduction and brief instruction/round table about a health-related topic
• Warm-Up
• Physical activity (interactive game) – no equipment required
• Motor skill development (balance, coordination, agility)
• Cool down/meditation
• End discussion, family challenge, and homework for following week (each child performs one act of kindness, etc.)

Lastly, our program will be both educational and FUN!

Available Programs