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HI-FIVE After-School


stay active, engaged and fit

NEW!! The Hi-Five After School Club is the ideal place for parents looking for something to keep their youth active, engaged and fit. Daily participants will enjoy a variety of sports, schoolyard games, skill development session and 3v3 style league play. The perfect program for Parents looking to keep their child(ren) active.


In our After School Club, we’ll offer a mini-version of our famous Hi-Five Sports Camp that has thrived for over 30 years. Our After School program will allow children to get a taste of a variety of sports under the guidance of great coaches – encouraging sportsmanship, teamwork, and FUN. The Hi-Five After School Club will focus on the core sports in our Summer Camp program – basketball, softball/baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and volleyball.

In addition, we’ll play a wide variety of schoolyard games that get the kids moving and competing. We believe practice makes progress and push for children to learn from all experiences in youth sports, win or lose! They’ll learn from it all and develop resilience, confidence, and skills necessary to operate on teams and as the leaders of tomorrow! We believe the key to teaching kids how to play sports is through encouraging them to develop the proper fundamentals and play with passion. Above all else, we want to make sports FUN to help them fall in love with playing the games, just for the sake of playing! It’s as simple as that. They’ll all get a little taste of summer camp each week!


How It Works

1) Children will be dropped off at our facility for an afternoon of quality sports programming after school.

2) Water is provided. Please pack a snack.

3) You pick up your child at our facility in the same location as drop off:
Hi-Five Sports Zone North Point Mall 1000 North Point Circle #1008 Alpharetta, GA

Bus Transportation

We offer bus pickup at your child's school for an additional fee.

Please email us at [email protected] for more information or to request bus pickup.  There are limited spaces.

Available Programs