Masen Faison

All-Pro Director of SWAG Ink & Fun Stuff

Masen Faison has been involved with sports for most of her life. As a child she enjoyed playing T-ball. She enjoyed it so much, she went on to play softball for her city league and eventually her junior high school. She was also introduced to competitive cheerleading in junior high school and for the first time, she learned how to work out and use weights properly. Masen continued to participate on the cheerleading squad in high school, and she developed a love for Track and Field. Both sports required a lot of team work and dedication. Masen continued to perform in Cheerleading and Track and Field through her sophomore year in college. . It all started with a proper introduction as a young girl.

Masen loves kids and works closely with her nieces and nephew in their introduction to team sports. She knows celebrating victories and having fun is a key to developing a lifelong love of sports. Masen is perfect for this role as she loves kids, sports, fashion, and cake! Get your SWAG on!