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Purchasing a Program at Hi-Five Sports
Thank you for your interest in purchasing a program at Hi-Five Sports.


Step 1 Logging Into/Creating an Ecommerce Account.

Before you can add items to the shopping cart you must be A) logged into an existing account or B) create a new account before you buy. A) Logging into an existing account. You can log into your account using your account email address and password at the top of any web page. If you’ve forgotten your password click the “Forget Password?” link at the top of any page.



B) Create a new account. To do this click on any program page link to create a new account. You’ll need a valid email address to do this. Also, the account will ask you to name/list your children for speeding up the checkout process for future purchases.



NOTE: By logging into an account or creating an account you haven’t purchased anything yet. You need to go to Step 2.


Step 2 Adding Programs to Your Shopping Cart

Once you’ve logged into your account then you can go to any program page on the site. You’ll see programs will be listed and display your child’s name. Select which child you’d like to enroll and click add to cart.



Step 3 Check Out Your Program Purchases

Your programs are displayed in the shopping cart. Continue Shopping or scroll to the bottom of the page to Purchase.


Please enter any final program data and then enter your credit card information. NOTE: Hi-Five Sports never retains your credit card information to your account (for your credit card security) so it must be entered each time.



Step 4 Purchase Complete and Emailed Receipt

Once you’ve completed your purchase you will see a confirmation screen on your computer/device. An email receipt will be sent to your email account on record. TIP: Sometime automated emails get marked and placed in spam filters. If you don’t see a receipt within 10 minutes of purchase, please check your spam box.



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