Hi-Five Summer Camp
— AGES: 5-11 Years Old —

Summer Just Got Better

Hi-Five Sports brings an exciting 30+ year tradition to Oakdale, MN. With up to 12 different team sports experienced every week our campers never get bored. Our experienced and passionate coaching staff will divide campers into balanced teams that learn about and compete in a wide variety of team sports in an all-day sports camp.

Our vision is to help the next generation develop a passion for sports – one camp, coach, and one child at a time. The Hi-Five Sports Camp experience will be remembered for the high energy-level of our coaches and the positive impact made on the lives of our campers.

For you, it’s about keeping your child active, healthy and happy. For them, it means no school, lots of fun and sports. Hi-Five Sports Camp is a sports camp dedicated to a full menu of team sports designed for children from K-4th grade. Hi-Five Sports Camp is about so much more than winning and losing – it is about teamwork, playing hard and playing fair. It’s about making new friends and enjoying the camaraderie that come from playing sports. A camp that is as encouraging as it is challenging. As safe as it is high-energy, and as instructional as it is FUN!

We Are Sports Experts and Qualified Ones At That! Just like our campers, we eat, sleep, and breathe sports. Our staff is filled with professional coaches, high school, and college athletes, who promote the fundamentals through personalized instruction and positive reinforcement – all this while always maintaining a sense of humor! No matter the skill level of the child, our goal remains the same: to have a great time, teach the value of teamwork, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. All of which result in a positive, self-esteem-building experience.

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