Hi-Five Soccer Classes

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Hi-Five Soccer is a 50-minute developmental soccer class for children 3-6 years old that focuses on skills learned throughout the course of the program. Each class is designed to follow the prior one with the initial start of the class being very basic. Skills and games should be introduced in the same sequence each week to ensure all participants develop a rhythm for playing the game and how the class is taught. Along with following the curriculum, there may be times a coach needs to improvise and adapt according to how the kids react and handle activities. Controlled scrimmages will be incorporated as the session nears a close. Players’ fundamentals should be developed before scrimmages are introduced. New players and parents will also gain a general knowledge of the fundamentals of the game: soccer stances, proper dribbling techniques, and teamwork. Coaches will act as teachers before they act as referees. Any time a whistle blows during a drill it’s the coach’s responsibility to explain the violation and correct the player. Parents are allowed to help in this process and could serve as effective teachers if a child is struggling to connect with the coach or class. While this program focuses on player development and the overall understanding of soccer, it also stresses FUN for the entire 50-minute class session!! Hi-Five’s ultimate goal is to help each child build strong physical, intellectual and emotional foundations that will help them succeed on and off of the field!!

Skill Development

Players will be introduced to new skills each week, and reinforce skills learned previously! Hi-Five coaches put a strong emphasis on explaining every activity so players Know how to do the drills correctly, and know when to use these skills on the field. At the end of each class, children will get a chance to show HI-FIVE MURPHY the skills they just learned!

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