We are excited to offer our Summer Sports Camps in San Francisco! Camp will run from 9am-3pm (after-care available until 5:15pm). Our facility can host all the various team sports in a way that works for this younger age-group. When the weather is nice we will take occasional field trips to the local park behind our facility. Let the games begin!

This is not your typical one sport camp. Children will be grouped by age, placed into teams and prepared to play a variety of different sports every day. In fact over the course of the week the kids will participate in up to 12 different sports!



Hi-Five Sports Zone
5411 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA 94121


Prices TBA (14 Weeks starting in late May) (5 years - 3rd Grade)

camp-3General Schedule:
8:30am: Drop Off
9:30am: Camp Begins (Opening Ceremonies)
10:00am: First Sport Rotation
10:30am: Water/Snack Break
11:00am: Second Sport Rotation
11:15am: Coaches Challenge/Free Time
11:30am: Lunch
12:00pm: Team Building Activity (typically non-sport activity)
12:45pm Third Sport Rotation
1:30pm: Snack/Water Break
1:45pm: Fourth Sport Rotation
2:30pm: Group Meeting/Recap/Special Activity Time
2:50pm: Free Play
3:00pm: Pick Up


Age Minimum? How Strict Are You?
We don't think our camps are a good fit for any child not at least 5 years of age. Our age minimum is a very strict. Children must be at least 5 years old at the time of their camp. Our camps are designed for children 5 years and older and we are firm with the age minimum for two major reasons:

1. The day is a filled with sports and activities with no nap or designated quiet/downtime.

2. The second major reason has to do with bathroom situation. All of our campers need to be 100% able to handle their own bathroom functions with no coach help. We are not a day care, or preschool, and are not in the position to help children in those situations. In our experience a majority of children under 5 years old are likely to need bathroom help (at some point) that we are not equipped to provide.

In our experience, the day can be overwhelming for the younger ones. Putting the children in this situation, more often than not, by no fault of their own, leads to a negative experience for the child and in turn the family. We reserve the right to cancel any week of camp, without refund, for any child registered for camp that does not meet the age minimum.

Lunch/Snack Details:
We will provide snack to all campers without extra purchase. Snack is included in the price of registration. Snacks consist of fresh fruit from the local produce market. Lunch is an extra purchase on top of the price of camp and consist of meals purchased from local neighborhood restaurants. Here is a sample menu from previous camps:
Monday: Meat and Cheese Tacos
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Fries and Juice Box
Wednesday: Spaghetti with Garlic Bread
Thursday: Turkey Sandwiches
Friday: Cheese Pizza

Can I Purchase Lunch Or After Care On A Day By Day Basis?
Lunch may only be purchased by week. We do not allow daily lunch purchases. If a child requires lunch on a particular day, the total cost of a week of lunch, $50, will be incurred.

Refund Policy?
Refunds will be issued only before June 1st, 2017 and will be assessed a $125.00 transaction fee. After June 1st, 2017 there will be no refunds issued for camp. Refunds for documented medical issues may be refunded after June 1st and without the $125 transaction fee but will be reviewed by camp director.

What Happens If We Miss A Day Of Camp?
Camp days are not transferable. If you are unable to attend a particular day of the week of camp your child is registered, no refunds or credits will be issued.

What If Our Plans Change And We Need To Switch Weeks?
Camp weeks are not transferable and/or may not be switched to another week. If you register for a week of camp that week is when we will expect your child. We have a limited number of spaces for camp and cannot accommodate any switching of weeks.

Are There One Day Drop-Ins?
Daily or hourly drop-ins for camp are not available. Camp is only offered on a per week basis.

What If A Program Is Sold Out? Is There A Wait List?
You can contact us directly at 415.592.9668 or zone@hifivesports.com to get on the waitlist for a particular week of camp if it is sold out.

Timing Drop Off/Pickup?
Camp drop off begins at 8:30am
Camp pick up begins at 3:00pm
After Care Pickup anytime between 3:00pm – 5:15pm

Can We “hold” Spots?
Because we have a limited number of spaces for each week. We cannot “hold” spots without an actual registration. In order to guarantee your spot a registration is required.

Friend Requests?
We will do our best to honor your requests. If you put down one name you are guaranteed to get that request.

What Is Our Ratio Of Coaches To Campers?
The coach to camper ratio we strive for is one coach for every 8 campers. We sometimes go over that our ratio, but it will not exceed 1:10. One coach for every 10 campers.

Theme Weeks?
Each week at camp is special, so we assign each week a theme. The theme doesn’t change the overall program. The theme might affect the “dress up” days, team names, trivia and other non-sports playing activities.

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