• Exclusive use of the entire Hi-Five Sports Zone facility
  • Equipment for up to two team sports (Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, and more)
  • Support from three Hi-Five Sports staff members who will run the activities, clean up, and serve cake and other treats. Paper plates, water, forks, cups and napkins provided at no additional charge!
  • Interaction with our mascot Murphy at the end of each party.

BASIC PARTY PACKAGE - Our 90 minute party for $399 for 24 children and under. $10 per additional child with a max of 34. Any child over the 34 child maximum will be a $25 per child fee. Two hour parties will start at $499.

HI-FIVE LITTLE BALLER ADD-ON - Provides each child with a Hi-Five Goody-Bag that include multiple items from the Murphy Mart. $6 per child.

Hi-FIVE INFLATABLE ADD-ON - Additional $100



What Is The Breakdown Of The Party Schedule?
Party time includes all playing/activity, eating, singing and wrap up. Here is generally how a typical party will breakdown for a two hour party. Times for each party are dynamic and may vary slightly for each one.

10 min- Free play/Intro
30 min - First sport
20 min - Food break
30 min - Second sport
25 min - Cake
5 min - Free play/Wrap up

Please note, any party staying more than 10 minutes after the scheduled end time of your party will be assessed a $25 fee for every 10 minutes over your scheduled end time.

EXAMPLE: If your party is scheduled to end at 2:30pm and at 2:40pm your group is still on premises a $25 fee will be added to the total balance. If at 2:50pm your group is still on premises the fee will be $50.


What Time Will I Be Able To Get In To Setup?
You will be able to arrive 30 minutes before your party to setup. This time does not count toward your party time. Example: If your party is scheduled to begin at 2:00pm you will be able to arrive at 1:30pm to setup.

Can I Decorate?
You are welcomed to decorate our party area as long as all decorations are not permanent and can be both setup and taken down in 15 minutes.

What Does Hi-Five Provide?
Hi-Five will provide all equipment and staff for sports activities as well as tables, chairs and table cloths for the party area. Hi-Five will also provide basic napkins, plates, forks and cups. If you would like a party theme: Lego, Star Wars, Frozen etc. you are welcomed to bring your own party plates, cups and utensils.

What About Food?
Hi-Five does not provide any food for parties. You are welcomed to bring in any food you like for your event but we DO NOT allow alcohol of any kind.

It is best to arrive at least 45 minutes early to find adequate parking in the area.

Parking information can be found here:

Deposit? Refund Policy?
The deposit of $199.00 secures your date and time and is non-refundable. If, after booking, you would like to make a change in date or time, it must be done at least 30 days before the date of the party. If you would like to switch the date and/or time of your party, after the original booking, there will be a $25 admin fee for changing date and/or time. No changes in date or time will be allowed inside of the 30 days. If the party is booked inside of the 30 day window then no changes will be made and no refunds will be given on deposit.

Who Counts Towards The Party Total?
Any child who participates in the Hi-Five supervised activity at any time will be counted toward the total number of children and we will use the highest number of participants at any point to calculate the total. Children who are too young or do not participate and who do not participate at all will not count toward the total. Our maximum capacity for all persons in the building, per the fire code, is 88 people.

What If We Have A Range Of Different Ages?
We will do our best to accommodate as many children, and ages, as possible but the party will be designed for the age of the birthday child. You are welcomed to bring coloring books or other activities that can be contained to the party/spectator area for children who do not participate.

What Is The “Murphy Mascot Option”?
Murphy our mascot will appear near the end of every party for a few minutes to greet the guests and take pictures. If you would like have Murphy on site for 90 minutes of the party (instead of for just a few minutes) the cost is $50.

What Is In The Sports Zone Goodie Bags?
Our goodie bags consists of a mixture of our prizes from our “Murphy Mart”. Contents of our goodie bags may vary from party to party depending on what “Murphy Mart” (prize items) we have in stock at the time and/or the theme of the party. Goodie bags are $6 per bag.

Eligible For Coupon Code/Discount Usage?
There are no discounts or coupon codes for parties.

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